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7000+ well-crafted ChatGPT prompts at your fingertips

No need to copy-paste, we have a fully-fledged ChatGPT interface. You can utilize the prompts directly without leaving the website.


Prompts for everything

We have curated over 7000+ prompts/tasks spanning across 80+ categories to cater to all use cases. You can seamlessly access and utilize them directly on our website, without the need to leave the platform.

Create your own shortcuts

We offer the capability to create custom shortcuts for your prompts, empowering you to avoid repetitive tasks by conveniently accessing your frequently used prompts with ease. This feature streamlines your workflow and enhances efficiency during interactions.

ShortcutsGPT vs ChatGPT interface

Feature Comparison ShortcutsGPT ChatGPT
7000+ prompts
7000+ prompts across 80+ category
Create your own shortcuts
Avoid repeating the same prompts again and again
Convert the response into MP3 file using the Text-to-Speech feature
Download as PDF
Download as PDF
Text Editor
Edit the response directly without leaving the platform
Placeholder detector
Fill the placeholders that you get from ChatGPT
Dedicated support
All the paid users get dedicated support via email or chat

Boost your productivity and save time

Don't waste your time crafting your own prompts, we have it all here.