ChatGPT Prompts for Website Creation

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Accessibility Guidelines for Contact Forms

This prompt is designed to provide information about current guidelines and standards for making contact forms accessible. It also asks for guidance on how to utilize specific accessibility tools to cater to a certain type of disability.

Chatbot Integration Recommendations for Contact Forms

This prompt seeks recommendations for chatbot integrations that could enhance user experience and simplify management of contact forms on a specific type of business website. It also asks for guidance on modifying chatbot responses based on user input.

Creating an Effective Landing Page

This prompt is used to generate ideas for copy and design for a product's landing page to address potential customers' concerns and increase conversion rates.

Creating Urgency on Product Landing Page

This prompt is used to request suggestions for temporary offers or special deals that can be included on a product landing page to foster a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to become customers.

Custom Error Page Design Ideas

This prompt seeks creative ideas for designing a custom error page for a certain error code. The page should effectively communicate the error to users and reflect a specific tone of the brand.

Enhancing Website/App Analytics via Google Analytics

This prompt is intended to provide guidance on how to improve the analytics or metrics of a specific website or app by integrating Google Analytics tracking code with a chosen CMS or platform. It also inquires about the process involved.

Implementing Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

This prompt is used to ask for steps to implement e-commerce tracking or a specific code in Google Analytics for a particular online store or retail website, with the aim of tracking certain activities and maximizing certain metrics.

Incorporating Google Analytics for Efficient Tracking

This prompt asks for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to integrate Google Analytics tracking code into a specific website or app to efficiently track certain metrics (page views, clicks, conversions) and generate insightful or comprehensive reports or dashboards.

Innovative Design Recommendations for Product Landing Page

This prompt is used to request innovative design recommendations for a product landing page. The goal is to engage target customers and motivate them to take action. The page will be specifically dedicated to an advanced product under a certain category.

Landing Page Design Concepts

This prompt is used to ask for design concepts for a landing page that promotes a specific product category, targeted especially towards a specific audience. The asker wants the landing page to resonate and appeal to their ideal customer.

SEO-Friendly Text Creation for Product Marketing Page

This prompt is used to request assistance for creating SEO-friendly text for a specific product marketing page. It involves suggesting engaging titles and subtitles that incorporate certain keywords to improve the webpage's visibility in search results.

Understanding Google Analytics Tools and Features

This prompt is used to ask about specific features or tools in Google Analytics, their usefulness in achieving certain objectives or actions, and to request for examples or resources related to them.